As a member of the production crew for television programs like CBS's "Survivor," James Demer and his production colleagues personally test the DemerBox product in the harshest and most demanding conditions, all over the world.

James Demer Portrait on set of TV Show "Survivor"
"Every season I would bring DemerBoxes for crew members who would buy them, break them and give them back to me to fix. Eventually, I figured out how to build them tough that this hard playing crew stopped breaking them."

Adventure Sound Mixer
10 Seasons of CBS Survivor.

"The DemerBox outplays and has outlasted every other portable speaker I've brought to location. You can use it in any environment. Battery never ends. It's the #1 portable speaker for the Survivor crew. And I use one at home as well – back yard, pool, playing tennis. It's so rugged you can bring it anywhere and the sound is amazing."

Host of the TV Show Survivor

Jeff Probst Portrait









Crew Members of CBS's "Survivor"

 Luke M Portrait

"My DemerBox is quite literally the best all terrain Bluetooth speaker I've ever had. Killer sound with guaranteed good times."

- Luke M., Audio Dept.

Danna F., Audio Dept.

"I'm so happy with my DemerBox! Great sound, portability and durability!"

- Danna F. Audio Dept.

"I have never had the reputation for being gentle with gear. But my DemerBox has taken all the tough love I can throw at it and continues to perform."

-Conley V., Audio Dept.

Paolo M. Portrait

"Intensified workouts, making epic hangouts, and breaking necks on travels... that's me and my DemerBox."

- Paulo M., Production Dept.

Jen S. Portrait

"Well we love listening to our DemerBox while we watch Survivor - does that count?"

- Jen S., Survivor Superfan

Peter W. Portrait

"DemerBox = bankvaultlilboxofmusicaljoy"

- Peter W., Director of Photography

Katy E. Portrait

"I think the fact that no Survivor social gathering is ever without a DemerBox says it all. There might be more DemerBoxes on location than crew!"

- Katy E., Travel Coordinator

Victor C. Portrait

"The DemerBox is the best wingman to have when going to a tropical beach and your goal is to meet single ladies."

-Victor C., Production Dept.

Brian M. Portrait

"I've owned many Bluetooth speakers over the years and none compare to the DemerBox! I operate boats in salt water for a living and no speaker performs or sounds anywhere close to the DemerBox."

- Brian M., Marine Dept.

Troy F. Portrait

 "Spice Girls neverrrrr sounded this good!!! DemerBox all the way!"

-Troy F., Catering Dept.

Louie H. Portrait

"My DemerBox is making my family always happy because of its good quality sound."

- Louie H., Marine Dept. 

Matthias H. Portrait

"My DemerBox is a great travel companion with an awesome sound. It follows me on my adventures and never lets me down!"

-Matthias H., Camera Dept.

Louis P. Portrait

"Tough, Loud, Waterproof, Bass, Sexy = DemerBox."

- Louis P., Camera Dept.

Rob H. Portrait

"The DemerBox is the best sounding portable bluetooth speaker I have come across, solid and appropriate technology!"

-Rob H., Communications Manager (US Survivor)